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Welcome to Enaleni Farm                 
Enaleni farm offers guests a unique, memorable experience in-between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. As a guest wanting a place to relax you might enjoy the variety of different breeds of livestock, the views and colours. As a visitor with an interest in food, its cultivation, on-farm transformation and the politics of appetite; you may be delighted and inspired to 'taste' produce from a mixed-farm based on agro-ecology that offers alternatives to industrialised farming and farm factories. We practice a type of farming that has a smaller carbon footprint, is more humane to animals and draws from the vibrant heritage of KwaZulu-Natal with the many indigenous breeds and their stories. We are a working farm and don't be surprised if you stay over if you end up milking Delilah or Marigold!

We liked the concept of abundance and called the 23 acre farm Enaleni when we bought it in 2007. Enaleni is a Zulu name that implies a ‘place of agricultural abundance; a place where there is more than enough’. On the farm there are orchid houses, a registered herd of Nguni, the famous Zulu cattle; a rare collection of Zulu sheep, free-range and free-farrow indigenous Kolbroek pigs, a pair of working rescued dagga donkeys, beehives, cropping areas, orchards and African hunting dogs, 'old fashioned poultry', Delilah and Marigold our Jersey cows, a productive kitchen garden and a comfortable spacious guest house.  We make our own unsalted butter, yoghurt and cheese from our own raw milk, our own pasta, bread from our 'mother yeast' and grown our own poultry, pork and lamb including sausages, bacon and ham, bottle odds and ends and share our skills by way of short courses.

Indilinga Guest House has been constructed from scratch and like the renovated main homestead built with mostly reused materials and artistically put together. 

If you would like information on produce, open days, short courses, pop-up cooking events email us at:  and we'll add you to the mailing list.

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